The Ultimate Couples Retreat

Coming November 2018

Get In On The Action

The Experience

This is a one of a kind experience, but it’s not for everyone.  If the video above resonates with you, click below only if:

  • You are ready to come with an open mind
  • You are ready to have real fun with your mate
  • You are ready to learn from other couples
  • You are ready to make love to your mate like never before
  • And finally you are ready to create your own destiny

Passionate Instructors

My name is Onyx Jones and I’m Kevin Jones, and when we first met we were both going through really bad divorces. Our lives were turned upside down, but we were both determined to grow and learn from our experiences. We formed a three-year friendship that grew into a powerful and loving marriage on May 2012.

What we learned from our experiences…. Is that you can truly create the relationship that you want.

About the Host

At KNO Prime, our vision is to be a premier provider of resources for couples wanting to live a life full of passion.  

KNO Prime’s mission is to build prosperous relationships by creating fun and interactive couples retreats at luxurious destinations where you can just get away from it all and focus on each other.


Sapere Vedere

 (sah-PARE-ay Veh-DARE-ay)

Latin for "knowing how to see"

If you are in a committed relationship, whether it’s been 20+ years or 1 year, we want to tell you it's possible to have the relationship you want.  You can have: passion, prosperity, laughter, intimacy, loving kindness, great communication, the list goes on.

Our questions for you are: What are you willing to do to have it?  How far are you willing to go? What commitments are you willing to make?


1) You will experience a really comfortable atmosphere with lounge seating, pillows, etc. You will feel at home.

2) Judgement Free Zone – No one is right and no one is wrong – it either works or it doesn’t work.

3) You will see hands on live demonstrations on how "to be" love and demonstrate love.

4) You will learn exciting love making techniques, types of foreplay, and massage techniques.

5) You’ll set goals with your partner.

6) You will experience a small atmosphere with a personalized touch – the topics addressed are the ones that concern you the most.

 7) Finally, at the end of the retreat, you will receive tools, toys, journals and whatever is needed to continue the conversation at home with your mate.


Launching forward after divorce...we had to get clear on what we wanted.

Onyx Jones, once a homeless single mother, is now an accomplished entrepreneur, Finance Director and administrator. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Master's Degree in Accounting. Onyx has assisted companies and cities of various sizes to be financially successful for more than twenty years

1st Lt. Kevin S. Jones, US Army, Ret., was also homeless for a period of time and a single father, is now a successful general contractor.  Kevin gained a vast amount of experience in the areas of leadership, engineering, construction and was a Certified Army Instructor.  

Kevin and Onyx have both conducted workshops, staff trainings, federal and state compliance seminars and written various manuals.

We knew what we wanted...

(Onyx): I wanted a sexy, strong, husband that was completely in love with me, who made me smile, and most importantly someone I could live in agreements with.

(Kevin): And I wanted a wife that respected, appreciated and loved me for who I am. Someone that I could be myself with and give my uninhibited love to.

Our journey...

We learned to never take our relationship for granted.  We went on a journey…a journey to build the most amazing relationship and family. We went to workshops, conferences, self-improvement seminars, we read books, organized date nights, planned sexy and hot vacations. We were 100% committed to having exactly what we wanted in our relationship.  We are so excited to help you experience the fun and love that we have created in our couples retreat at a luxurious hotel where you can just get away from it all and focus on each other.


Have you ever dreamed, hoped and prayed that you and your mate would have 50+ years of bliss?

We're here to make that happen.